• Lecture Series of eminent experts selected from across the country in the area of disaster risk reduction, preparedness, disaster law and vulnerable communities. For further information Contact GAURIKA CHUGH 9599853905  (Second Thursday of every month)
  • Role of Media, Film Discourse and Round table discussion around nonhuman rights in Disaster Research, For further information Contact HOMOLATA BORAH 9821420294  (Fourth Tuesday every month)
  • ICSSR sponsored two week workshop on Capacity Building programme for faculty of all universities and colleges in the country and sponsored participants from NGOs and Government on ‘social sciences approach to Disaster Research’ : 5th – 18th February 2018 at HRDC/JNU. For further information Contact SCDR Office, 011-26741978
  • Three days Workshop and international conference in collaboration with Harvard University and experts from the International Network of Disaster Research . For further information Contact SCDR Office, 011-26741978
  • ‘Publish or Perish’. A series involving young students in their MPhil/PhD stages of research who would like to present their work/writings on DRR or wish to get trained in the writing and publishing on issues of disasters. For further information Contact NOOPUR MAURYA ,9425915279(First Monday every month).
    (First Monday every month).
  • An Open Competition for students in the MPhil/PhD stage They have to write a case study of Disaster management by Government and community collaboration from any part of India.
    • Case Study should be not more than 3000 words
    • Should be in ‘Doc-Word’not be in Pdf,
    • The authors cum researchers should give a certificate of originality and Age certificate for being under 30 years.
    • The case study should be able to highlight the management of vulnerability through collaboration between government, private organizations, communities and Capacity Building organizations..
    • The case study should be indicative of any progress made in mitigating disasters, protecting damage and losses to property and life resp.
    • The role of NDMA, SDMA,DDMA and NIDM should be narrated if they have done anything for the region.
    • Last date for applying: 12th February, 2018

For further information Contact SCDR Office, 011-26741978

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