Under the spectrum was covered a series of research “Exploring Social Sciences Perspectives In The Disaster Research. Different experts and academicians working on disasters undertook the research. The initiatives were focused towards developing community resilience and enhancing the existing implementations and bringing about a reduction in the risks as posed by the different events of disasters.

The initiatives enriched the understanding and collection of findings and facts on vulnerabilities and hence outlaying the bottom up solution on development and sustainable reduction in the loss and damage and reducing vulnerabilities of the communities. Following activities were under taken.

  • Assessment of disaster risk and vulnerability in and around University of Delhi, North Campus, Miranda house.
  • Disaster vulnerability and community resilience: participatory neighborhood study of South Delhi, Kamala Nehru College
  • Disaster risk reduction and community resilience building: a report on Garhi Village, Lady Shri Ram College
  • Micro level studies were taken up by faculty:

-Disaster Preparedness And Community Response In Uttarakhand – Post 2013 Floods By Prof. Mondira Dutta

-Land Use Policy And Challenges For Disaster Management: Governance Issues From Uttarakhand Floods 2013 By Prof. Milap Punia.

-Micro Research Study On Kashmir Valley Flood Disaster – 2014: Lessons For Disaster Risk Reduction And Rehabilitation By Prof. Bupinder Zutshi

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