Prof. Amita SinghPresident NDRG NAPSIPAG-Asia-Pacific Disaster Research Group.

    Amita Singh is currently President of NDRG, an Asia Pacific disaster Research Group. She is former Professor of Administrative Reforms and Emergency Governance at the Centre for the Study of Law and Governance at JNU. She has also been Founder Chairperson of the Special Centre for Disaster Research and Member Secretary of Institutional Ethics Review Board at JNU. The Asia-Pacific governance Network called NAPSIPAG is being led by her for many years as its Secretary General. Currently she is member of the International Network for Disaster Studies.

    Her research collaborations on administrative reforms have been with the Department of Administrative Reforms (DARPG), Global Innovators Network, at the Kennedy School, Harvard University, IT for Women Initiative at Maryland University, Baltimore and several universities in Australia and South Asia. She has twice (2006-07 & 2016) been awarded the Australia-India Council and Australian Government-Monash Fellowship .Recently in 2017-18 she was also a visiting professor at the American University at Washington DC and then at Harvard.She is also an Advisory Board member of UNESCO-Netexplo at Paris.

    She has authored and edited many books and several national and international research papers. She is the ‘Series Editor’ of Palgrave-Macmillan ‘Global South Series on Disaster Management’ with five books in a row. Currently she is the lead editor for a global handbook on disaster studies by Springer -Nature.

    She is recipient of many national and international awards including the 2014 Bangladesh’s National Award ‘Nawab Bahadur Syed Nawab Ali Chowdhury National Award’  in Dhaka. Her other awards in the past are the Delhi’s ‘Public Service Award’, NALSA’s ‘Social Justice Award’ , ‘Millennium Award for Women in Public Services’ and ‘e-Governance Award’ 2010. Prof. Singh is an ardent campaigner for the habitat rights of nonhuman species and leads the Gurgaon based organization called “Walk for Animals and Habitat”.

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