NAPSIPAG DISASTER RESEARCH GROUP(NDRG-2020) is a specialized body of NAPSIPAG (Network of Asia Pacific Schools and Institutes of public Administration and Governance-2004) which is located in India. It owes its origin to NAPSIPAG researchers in Law & Governance who discovered the need for transdisciplinary interaction with practitioners in law-administration-natural sciences-e-governance and Artificial Intelligence to prevent and mitigate disasters. Disasters have become too frequent and more devastating with a gruelling dent in the GDP of Asia Pacific countries. India, Bangladesh and Pakistan alone combine to show the highest mortality risk index (MRI) but this is also a region where almost 40% of the world’s poor are located in subsistence economy in fragile zones. Disasters are more an issue of development, livelihood and sustainable socio-economic prosperity. The immediate catalyst to bring disaster managers together was the NAPSIPAG’s International Conference at Doiwala in Dehradun June 20-22, 2013 at the EcoAshram of legendary environmental lawyer Shri.M.C.Mehta. The timing of this meet on ‘How Much Land Does a Man Need’ was on land mismanagement and human greed as a cause for environmental distress and disasters. This discourse providentially coincided with the devastating and ruinous Uttarakhand floods. The spectre of death as humans and nonhumans succumbed to a furious and anguished nature in the rapids of the holy river Ganges called for revisiting laws and institutions which failed humanity. The congregating experts from all over Asia-Pacific vouched for an intensive research, training, education and dissemination in disaster studies as an indispensable pathway to sustainable development…..Read more

Mission of NDRG

To refine, evolve and inspire meaningful and implementable legal and governance frameworks which are inclusive, which alleviate human suffering , which conserve biodiversity and respect nonhuman rights.

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